Treading Lightly/Responsible Consumerism

As part of the 2018 Earth Action Initiative at UC Berkeley I was invited by the event organizers (and good friends of mine) to lead a brief workshop discussion about “responsible consumerism”. I am not, by any means, an expert on the matter – but I constantly try to put a few of these principles in practice so I agreed, and it was fun. It was a great discussion and a lot of us  learned a lot from it (I think).

I summarized some of the things for the workshop in this link, and I’m sharing it with you now. Many are obvious or I’m sure you do them already!

Treading Lightly

It begins with a set of a few truly inspiring characters who have gone above and beyond to tread lightly. Daniel Suelo. Peter Kalmus. Bea Johson. Pancho Ramos. Now, we’re not perfect – but we can do the best we can! The rest of the sheet is a list of daily actions you can take to reduce your footprint. You can see what a huge impact we could have if we all contributed even a little bit to any of these actions. The actions range from personal divestment (your bank contributes a whole lot to our climate and equity crisis), to food, energy, and waste. The weakest portion in this list are offsets. In part, it is because how confusing they are, and partly because I hold the opinion that a lot of people/companies get away with not changing their behavior by buying themselves out of the problem. At the same time, offsets can have a very meaningful impact! The importance is to do your due diligence and put your money where it matters.

If you want to add to this list or contribute, please let me known and I’ll make you an “editor”!