IDB Ideas Winners 2015

Our research project “Cool Joule: Design and implementation of a wireless sensor network to enable flexible energy loads to provide cost-effective wind energy grid integration and societal co-benefits in Nicaragua” was one of 6 winners of over 280 applications all throughout Latin America. The research partnership is between the Renewable and Appropriate Energy Lab, Niuera, Pelican, SA and the National Engineering University. The research and implementation leads were myself (Diego), Stephen Suffian (Villanova University), and Javier Rosa (Technology and Infrastructure for Emerging Regions, TIER – UC Berkeley). The videos below feature Lâl Marandin (Co-CEO of Pelican, SA – our implementation partner) and I on Canal 12, and the second video shows myself, Allan Cruz (Co-CEO of Pelican, SA), Carlos Melo (director of the Inter-American Bank in Nicaragua), and the Mexican ambassador to Nicaragua Miguel Díaz Reynoso.