Currently living in Berkeley, and completing my MS/PhD at the Energy and Resources Group (ERG). My research is in low-carbon (low-impact) energy systems and economic development, modeling high renewable energy future scenarios, and deploying sMArt Grid (high-tech/low-cost) pilots in the rising south.  I’ve worked in Chiapas (Mexico) developing regional microcredit schemes and river survey studies,  designed and built ‘low-tech/high- impact’ water distribution systems for small communities in Uganda and Honduras, have used GIS models and InVest (Integrated Valuation of Environmental services and Tradeoffs) to study the hydrology of the Linthipe Basin (Malawi), and investigated linkages between hydrological variability, energy use, and agriculture in Punjab and Telangana (India).

My current work is in Nicaragua developing and building scenarios for the SWITCH model – optimizing the penetration of renewable energy into the country’s electric power system, and deploying the country’s first micro-scale demand response program (DR) through the use of ‘flexible energy toolkits’. Both these projects are developed with UC Berkeley’s Renewable and Appropriate Energy Lab (Dan Kammen) and the Technology and Infrastructure for Emerging Regions group (Eric Brewer).

If you’ve got a cool idea to work on, let me know, and we’ll find a way to make it happen.