Dr. Diego Ponce de Leon Barido is currently the Director of Technology and Analytics at East Bay Community Energy (EBCE). He is also the founder of Xinampa (, a company building data infrastructure for clean energy and environmental justice across Latin America.

Diego has extensive experience at the intersection of data, technology and sustainability science. He has designed and deployed wireless sensor networks for monitoring energy infrastructure across Mexico and Central America, worked on the design of open-source planning software for fostering low-carbon (low-impact) energy systems and economic development in Nicaragua,  on grassroots sustainability efforts in Chiapas (Mexico) developing regional microcredit schemes and river survey studies, designing buffered rainwater and pumped-solar small water distribution systems in rural Uganda and Honduras, has used GIS and hydrological models to study the long-term sustainability of the Linthipe Basin (Malawi), and investigated linkages between hydrological variability, energy use, and agriculture in Punjab and Telangana (India). He has consulted for the EarthRise Alliance, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Mexican Energy Ministry, USAID, and the US Department of Energy among others.

He is a Link Foundation, National Geographic Energy Challenge, and CONACYT-UCMEXUS fellow. His work has been supported by the USAID Development Impact Lab, the Interamerican Development Bank, the Powerhouse Fund and Schneider Electric, the CITRIS Foundry, and the National Geographic Society.

Dr. Ponce de Leon Barido holds a PhD in Energy and Resources with a Designated Emphasis in Development Engineering (UC Berkeley), an M.S in Energy and Resources (UC Berkeley), a B.S.C.E in Civil Engineering (University of Minnesota), and a B.A in Economics (Macalester College).


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